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Upholstery cleaning Atlanta GAUpholstery Cleaning Services

Did you know that the key to the longevity of your furniture is regular professional upholstery cleaning? Ask any expert, and they will tell you that upholstered fabrics tend to last nearly five times longer, not to mention look cleaner if they are professionally cleaned. The difference between hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company and doing it yourself is that professionals can get dirt and stains out of areas that are otherwise unreachable.

At SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration our team of professional cleaners can clean and restore the beauty of all your upholstered furniture. We are one of the few upholstery cleaning companies who have over the years devised and perfected our cleaning methods to deliver the best results. So, you can be assured that everything we clean will look just as good as new!

Upholstery cleaning Sandy Springs GAThe Many Health Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Your upholstery can become home to all types of allergens, dust, pollen, etc. That’s in addition to dirt, stains, pet dander and a whole lot of stuff that can ruin the look of your upholstery. Not only will it ruin how the upholstery looks but it can become the source of everything from allergies to more serious conditions caused by unhygienic living conditions.

Whether it is your home or an office professional upholstery cleaning will help you ensure a healthy environment. At SRU or team of cleaning, specialists will take special care to remove even the slightest indication of allergens and dirt. We use a comprehensive cleaning technique which leaves nothing to chance.

The Most Reputed Upholstery Cleaning CompanyUpholstery Cleaning Alpharetta GA

We are one of the leading upholstery cleaning businesses in the state of Georgia. Our team of cleaners have years of experience and understand the need to work with clients to ensure the best possible cleaning. The use of industry-leading technology coupled with our own custom techniques offer the best results and that too at a price that most people will agree on offers the best value.

The cleaning methods we use are 100% safe for upholstery of all types. However, we firmly believe that since every case is unique, which also goes for every environment, we often tend to modify our techniques to the situation. Plus, the methods we use are as per the furniture we are dealing with, i.e., chairs, sofas, mattresses, etc. So, there isn’t a one size fits all type of approach like other upholstery cleaning businesses.

Also, an essential part of our cleaning process is to ensure that the fabric does not shrink. We understand that some materials tend to shrink, but with our experience, it is possible for us to identify if the fabric will shrink and then take appropriate countermeasures to prevent it from happening. The result is that your upholstery will last for years while your environment is clean and allergen free!

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