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Many home and business owners complain that over time their tile and grout loses its luster and shine. No matter how much you mop and scrub the tiles that shine never returns. Some people attribute it to low-quality tiles, but experts like us know that it is only a matter of professional tile cleaning using the right methods.

The grout is probably the most vulnerable part of the tiles. It is made up of porous material which tends to be a magnet for dirt which then gets lodged into it. Moping the surface does more harm than good as it just pushes the dirt deeper into the grout. Over time the mopping combined with the accumulation of dirt results in the tiles looking dull. At SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration we are grout and tile cleaning experts with years of experience. Whether your grout looks discolored or the tiles look as though they have never been cleaned we can help you!

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You might attempt to clean the tiles and grout using a toothbrush with some chemicals. The problem with this approach is that it hardly ever works. If anything, you might further ruin the grout in which case it may have to be redone. Then if you’re using a retail grout cleaning solution, it will only clean the surface, and so if you want true cleaning, it is imperative to get professional deep tile cleaning.


We Clean and Seal!tile cleaning cleaning Marietta GA

Our approach to tile and grout cleaning is very technical. Our team understands the various types of tiles and what method works best on which type of tile. It is for this reason that before we commence our cleaning procedures, the tiles are tested. A test is run to determine the material, and that allows us to use the highest quality and safest cleaning method.

If different types of tiles are laid out next to each other, we make sure to use a separate process for each type. The tiles are sealed off using tape so that the process we do on one set of tiles does not affect the other. We also perform thorough dry soil removal, which allows us to clean away all the dust from the surface before getting into deep cleaning.

Attention to Detail and Quality

At SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration we have a reputation to uphold, and so quality matters the most. So, to ensure quality, each surface is tested so that the results aren’t uneven. If found to be uneven the surface is further cleaned, and the results rechecked. All of this allows us to make sure that once we are done no tile looks slightly different from the other.

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Getting your tiles professionally cleaned is something that should be done at least once a year. If your tiles look less than desirable, then it is time to hire our professional tile cleaning services. Call us today for a quick quote or to find out about our other services.

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