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Terrazzo Polishing

terrazzo polishing and restoration Atlanta GATerrazzo Polishing Services

Terrazzo is perhaps one of the most sought-after materials for residential and business owners because it adds a touch of midcentury charm to most modern spaces. It is an excellent flooring option especially for areas that receive a high amount of traffic. However, over time Terrazzo can start turning yellow owing to a buildup of wax or if it has been buried under a carpet for a long time. Though contrary to popular belief this does not mean that it should be replaced but instead needs polishing. That’s where our Terrazzo polishing services come in.

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is one of the leading Terrazzo polishing experts in Georgia. We can turn any waxy, yellow flooring into a shining floor that will last for another few years. What’s more is the fact that we back the results you can expect with a guarantee so you can be sure that the floor will look like new.

terrazzo polishing restoration Marietta GAWhat is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is formed by using marble chips mixed in with Portland cement. It was all the rage back in the 1950s and was frequently used up to the 70s. However, modern Terrazzo does not use Portland cement anymore and instead uses epoxy as a binder which is a better alternative. That said today you can find Terrazzo in various aggregate materials which range from recycled glass to plastics and also marble chips. As you might have guessed Terrazzo restoration methods will vary mainly depending on the placement and its overall composition.

Craftmanship Matters a Great Deal

Whether you want to get, a Terrazzo floor polished, repaired or perhaps refined quality matters. An experienced professional with years of experience will use the right combination of binders and aggregates to blend in all the holes. Though in the hands of someone who does not have experience the result will be awful.

At SRU our terrazzo restoration and cleaning include polishing, honing and deep cleaning. We will remove stains and scratches to ensure that the floor looks as if it is new.

Top Terrazzo Polishing Experts

When there is a lot of foot traffic a Terrazzo floor can get scratched, scuffed, damaged and chipped. The result is a dull looking floor. Then add to that improper cleaning methods, and you have a floor that looks less than ideal. Regardless of how much you swab it still seems dirty.

Our professional Terrazzo experts have years of experience polishing and honing the floor. We start by grinding the top layer from the surface which erases the most damage. Then we start the polishing stage until it achieves the desired look. We can work with everything from a satin-like finish to a glassy look.

Terrazzo Polishing Pros

The only way to ensure that a Terrazzo floor continues to retain its beauty is to have it serviced professionally every year or so. We can also help you care for the floor once it’s restored to its former glory. Additionally, you can call or email us for information like quotes or tips for maintaining your floor.

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