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Mold Removal and Remediation

mold remediation Atlanta GAMold Removal and Remediation Services

Mold can do a great deal of damage to any home or place of business. A commercial or domestic property can quickly become home to mold before the owner ever notices that there is a problem. All that’s needed is a source of dampness or water for the mold to spread throughout the property. It can take as little as 48 hours for mold to become a huge problem. It is for this reason that immediate mold removal and remediation is imperative before it gets worse.


We know just how necessary immediate mold remediation is mainly since it can be the source of irritants and allergens. If you suspect that there is mold on your property, then it is imperative to call us immediately. We have the professionals, equipment, and expertise to help detect and eliminate mold from areas which are otherwise hard to reach.

What is Mold?

Many mold removal companies spread disinformation about mold which creates a panic amongst home and business owners. Some businesses even claim that the entire building will need to be also cleaned even if the mold is in just part of the location. Mold is naturally occurring and spreads utilizing its spores both outdoors and indoors. The microscopic spores are suspended in air and can even spread throughout the home via your HVAC system.

Consider these facts:

  • Mold is everywhere.
  • The spores are microscopic and will float in the air. Which means that they can pass through your window, AC system HVAC, etc.
  • The one thing that activates these spores and makes their spreading hospitable is water. When water is added they can quickly grow into colonies and the colonies then produce the much-unwanted irritants and allergens.
  • Before the mold remediation process can begin the sources of moisture and water have to be removed.
  • Also, unusually high humidity indoors can foster the growth of mold so you’ll want to keep humidity to well below 40 percent.
  • One clear sign of mold is a musty and strong odor.

Mold Removal Atlanta GAWhy Choose SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration for Mold Removal?

Well for starters we will arrive at your doorstep in the shortest time possible. If anything we know that time is never on your side when dealing with mold. The difference between the onset of an infestation and a full-blown problem can be just a couple of hours. We will start the remediation process ASAP which significantly mitigates the damage done.

The other reason to choose us is that we use advanced mold remediation methods and the latest equipment. The latest techniques and equipment means that we can restore your mold quickly and very effectively. Our team isolates the area using barriers and start working on cleaning mold and its remnants.

A Mold Specialist Service with a Guarantee

There are no mold removal companies that back the service with a warranty the way we do. Our service comes backed by an assurance that you can trust. Plus, we are always available for quotes, questions, and during emergencies.

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