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Marble Polishing

marble polishing Atlanta GAMarble Polishing Services

Has your marble flooring, etc. lost its shine? Do you feel as though they look worn out despite putting in so much effort to maintain their luster? Well, you are not alone. Hundreds of home and business owners complain of their marble not looking as it did when it was new. The only way to remedy the situation is to hire professional marble polishing services.

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has decades of experience fixing marble of all types. Our clients include everyone from homeowners to businesses, significant chains and even corporations. We are a fully certified cleaning company with an experienced team of professionals who have a thorough understanding of various types of marble and their cleaning methods. Plus, dozens of clients from across Georgia will vouch for our professionalism and ability to provide excellent marble polishing services.

Our Marble Polishing Starts with Pre-treatment

We never forgo the pre-treatment regime with a high-quality pH neutralizing cleaning solution. After all, marble is stone, and so it has to be treated with a neutralizing solution to remove all acidic and alkali elements which may get trapped in the pores. Usually, these elements are deposited when people regularly clean their marble floors and countertops thinking that they are improving things. The neutralizer helps to properly prepare the surface for our professional polishing.

marble cleaning and polishing Sandy Springs GAIndustry Leading Floor Polishing

Our marble polishing services use industry leading diamond powder along with micro abrasives which help to achieve a high level of gloss. Also, we use the latest and high-tech polishing grinds which go up to a whopping 300 RPM and generates a great deal of heat as a result but which is necessary to activate the diamond powder that strips away all the scratches to brighten up the surface. The abrasive power of diamond powder coupled with a high RPM grind results in phenomenal results, unlike any other. If anything most of our clients are glad to tell everyone about the fact that once we were done with their marble surfaces, it looked better than ever before.

Professional Marble Surface Inspection

Once we are satisfied with how the marble surface looks overall its time to inspect the marble closely. After all that work there may still be deep scratches as well as other imperfections which weren’t fixed. However, because at SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration we never settle for anything less than perfect for our clients a thorough inspection is in order. We examine the surface under different lighting conditions to find problem areas. Once areas with issues have been identified our technician will then manually use a hand tool to polish that problem spot until it is just as good as the rest of the marble. Finally, the area is washed with a pH neutral cleaner to remove all the debris.

Always Hire a Professional Polishing Service

If you want that countertop or floor to look its best then never settle for anything less the professional marble polishing like ours. Contact us today for a quote or to find out more about our polishing techniques.

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