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Grout Cleaning

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The average home and business owner does not think twice about the floor or wall’s grout. It is an afterthought at best which becomes a priority once the tiles start looking bad. The common perception amongst most people is that regular sweeping, and swabbing should help to keep their tiles and grout clean. Though in reality that rarely ever works. Yes, sweeping can help you get rid of all the dry dirt and swabbing can help to clean away stains. However, it also further agitates the problem with your grout. Swabbing pushes dirt deeper into the grout which is why it is imperative only to hire professional grout cleaning services.

Unlike regular cleaning methods, our grout cleaning methods help to suck up all the dirt from the grout. We do this using many different steps and our unique way of cleaning and then sealing the grout. The end result is a grout that looks as good as new or in some cases better than new!

grout cleaning Marietta GANever Attempt Grout Cleaning Yourself

We are aware of the fact that there are dozens of grout cleaning solutions available in the supermarket. Most promise a sparkling white grout and may also deliver if you’re willing to put in the effort. However, the drawbacks to using them apart from spending hours with a toothbrush are that they can also destroy the grout. We’ve seen acid-based compounds which have ended up punching holes in the grout. Also, the vast majority of these cleaning solutions are not meant for colored grout.

The other reason why we strictly advise against using these grout cleaning solutions is personal safety. Many use harsh chemicals like peroxides and ammonia which can cause skin irritation and rash. It can also cause burns if you’re not wearing safety gloves and goggles. Not to mention the fact that all that effort is pointless when you can hire a professional grout cleaning service that does an exponentially better job plus saves you the time and effort.

Guarantee Backed Service

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has been providing grout cleaning services for a very long time. We havetile and grout restoration Sandy Springs GA some of the most professional cleaners in the industry which allows us to back the service with a warranty. We guarantee that regardless of how badly stained or dirty your grout is we will clean it. Our team only uses tile and stone safe methods which focuses on the grout. So, your tiles or other stone laden areas aren’t damaged.

Our team comes fully prepared with everything needed to complete the job ASAP. Our prices are competitive, and you’re not slapped with any hidden costs. In most cases, our estimate is the final price. However, we may have to first inspect the extent of the damage before providing a comprehensive quote. That said, unlike other services we will not charge you extra or add stuff to the bill which wasn’t agreed to prior starting our work.

If you want to give your grout a new look, then call us today to find out more about how we can help revamp its look and feel!

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