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Concrete Polishing

concerete polishing Atlanta GAConcrete Polishing Services

Polished concrete is beautiful and an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a bit of class to their décor without spending a whole lot of money. In addition to the stylish look and improved durability, concrete polishing also helps to increase thermal mass which in turn improves your home’s ability to retain heat during the winter. Then there is also the fact that if members of your household are prone to allergies keeping polished concrete clean is a lot easier since it does not hold on to small particles.

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers professional concrete polishing services which give your floor a whole new look. We provide various types of concrete polishing which includes popular options like salt & pepper exposure, full aggregate exposure, and plain natural polished concrete without the aggregate. The latter option is more popular in warehouses. However, it is also becoming popular in homes and other places of business. We also offer a couple of different options like decorative cuts, colored concrete, and designer concrete mixes. Additionally, there are other similar concrete polishing options to choose from which we can brief homeowner on in detail when they contact us to find out more.

Concrete Polishing Atlanta GAWhich Locations Benefit Most from Polished Concrete?

The common misconception is that polished concrete is perhaps best limited to bathrooms and kitchens. In reality, you can have polished concrete throughout your home. Every location from the patio or pathway to the outdoor deck area can look brilliant with polished concrete. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to other types of flooring methods because it makes the home energy efficient. Plus, the products used to polish concrete are ecologically friendly. That said not all products used are, but we make sure that the ones we use indeed are!

Finally, another primary reason to consider polished concrete flooring for all parts of your home is that it is comparatively cheaper. As a matter of fact, many architects, interior designers, and home design specialists are focusing on the use of polished concrete to enhance aesthetics on a budget.

Great for Business Ownersconcrete polish Atlanta GA

Business owners are finally realizing the great potential held by polished concrete both concerning benefits and budget friendliness. Plus, they also look great and can be custom tailored to suit any business décor or style. They require little to no maintenance and so there is little if any long-term cost associated. Unlike vinyl floor coverings and carpets they don’t need to be changed continuously or stripped away.

A Cost-Effective Service You Can Trust

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has over the years serviced hundreds of clients which include businesses and homeowners alike. We provide both budget-friendly concrete polishing services as well as more elaborate services which can be custom tailored to your style. Additionally, we also offer hardeners, protective lithium finishes and sealers to vivid dyes.

All concrete polishing work we do is backed by a solid warranty. You can find out more about our concrete polishing services by calling or emailing us for details.

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