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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Servicesarea rug cleaning Marietta GA

The area rug is most homeowners’ pride and joy. It is a great addition to any home and like all things well placed they help to contribute to a home’s overall charm and character. However, unlike various types of wall décor like a tapestry, area rugs tend to receive a great deal of foot traffic. Also, these rugs are usually put in high traffic areas because after all, that’s their whole purpose, i.e., to liven up and protect. Though the question is who is going to protect your rugs? That’s where our industry-leading area rug cleaning service comes in.

SRU Carpet Cleaning & Restoration provides a comprehensive area rug cleaning service which is similar to our upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and restoration services. The goal is to remove bacteria and allergens to make the home healthy. Additionally, to restore the beautify of your oriental area rug, we remove stains, dander, hair and other deep-rooted issues which may otherwise not be visible. Our attention to detail ensures that once we are done your area rug will look better than new!

area rug cleaning Sandy Springs GAWhy Should You hire Area Rug Professionals Like Us?

Would you send your car to a mechanic that’s not certified and vetted? We also wouldn’t expect you to hire a technician to repair your refrigerator who does not have the credentials to prove that they are good. At SRU we have a team of professionals who are highly trained with years of experience cleaning everything from area rugs to carpets. We rely on a particular set of tools designed to clean rugs of all types regardless of it is made from silk, wool, cotton or anything else.

We use a highly effective yet gentle rug cleaning as well as drying process which helps keep the fibers, color and other important aspects of the rug’s aesthetics in good shape. After all, we wouldn’t want to clean your rug in a way that it ends up looking worse than it was.

Our Cleaning Products are Residue Freerug cleaning Atlanta GA

We are aware of the fact that there are some area rug cleaning services that use products which leave behind residue. The residue attracts more dirt and dust which ends up negating the benefits of professional rug cleaning. The products we use are industry leading and have been extensively tested over the course of several years. Plus, these products are used with methods that we’ve perfected through our years of experience.

Hire the Best Professionals for the Job

Our area rug cleaning services are second to none. We have not only invested heavily in developing highly effective cleaning techniques but also in training our specialists. It is for this reason that all our specialists are duly trained, certified and have years of experience which allows us to guarantee that the patterns and colors of your rugs will be unharmed.

If you are looking for rug cleaning services that you can trust will deliver on their promise of professional and effective cleaning then look no further than us! Call us today for a quote.

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